Stan's Merry Mart
733 S Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801

(509) 662-5858

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Bob Stanley - Bob Stanley, the original owner drove a semi truck to Salt Lake city to purchase WWII surplus items in 1947 as Stan's was born. Bob showed both his brothers how to open stores and persuaded both to follow in his footsteps. As many of Stan's customers know Bob bought anything and everything that he felt was a "good deal". Therefore Bob ended up buying large quantities of items such as semi truck loads of motor oil, car tires, car chains, and rubber overshoes. Bob actually lived at the store until very late in his life which he felt helped him keep the business running successfully.

When Bob's realized he did not have much time left in his life he did two things. First Bob sold the store to long time business associate Ethel Wright who had worked with Bob since 1958. Bob felt this was his best chance to keep his store running the way he wanted and without stripping the store of its identity. Second, he pledged to donate $1 million to the new construction of the Wenatchee Civic and Performing Arts Center. While the center's name has been a controversial point since Bob's death, one thing is for certain: Without Mr. Stanley's donation the Civic Center would not have had the funds to be built when it was.

Ethel and husband Don

Ethel Wright - Ethel is the long time associate of Mr. Stanley who ended up purchasing the business from him. Ethel started working at Stan's in 1958 (after teaching for a couple years in a rural one room Nebraska school house) as a shoe clerk for Mr. Stanley. Over time she became Mr. Stanley's most trusted associate. This lead him to believe that she could continue running the business in a successful manner after his death. Ethel has been owner of the store since 1996 and is currently semi-retired. Though Ethel is semi-retired she has found time to completely change the layout of half the store in 2010 as well as add new product lines such as Traeger BBQs and Beer and Wine Making. Over the past few years Ethel's son Lynn has began the process of becoming the next generation leader for Stan's.

Lynn Wright - Lynn started working for Stan's in 1970. While he had his own business for many years Lynn has worked at least part time for Stan's since he was initially hired.